We have appreciated the many messages we’ve received from people that want to serve with us during this unprecedented time in our world. CSM is responding to Covid-19 (coronavirus) by fulfilling our mission to connect resources with needs. We are ordering additional pantry supplies, frozen meats, and protein-rich snacks to help meet needs in the upcoming weeks and months. We are mobilizing volunteers to help pack pantry boxes. And we are supporting our church partners in the city with cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and food resources.
You can help us accomplish these things!

1) Pray for wisdom and health for CSM, for our local and national leaders, and for those who are in need. We believe and know our Lord hears our prayers.

2) Donate by clicking here to help us buy more food and supplies to meet increased needs. We can order large quantities of food at lower prices and multiply your dollar!

3) Donate PPE supplies. We are the official collection center of PPE supplies for the City of Birmingham. Please bring unopened personal protective equipment to the CSM Campus between 9am-3pm Monday-Thursday or 9am-12pm on Friday.

4) Volunteer through your church and through organizations like CSM and show love and hospitality to your neighbor. Individuals can go to our volunteer page (here) and signup on TimeCounts. If you would like to organize a group, please email info@csmission.org in order for us to best prepare for you and to make sure that we remain compliant with social distancing guidelines. We will post volunteer opportunities as we have them. To keep CSM operating, we are heeding the recommendations of the CDC as well as leaders at all levels and will be opening volunteer opportunities on a limited basis. Please don’t wait until we can open volunteer opportunities to serve those around you.

Below, we have put together some suggestions for how you can best love your neighbor through this global pandemic.

How to care for SENIORS/IMMUNOCOMPROMISED people in your life:

  1. Call the seniors in your social circle, neighborhood, and church. Take time to listen to them and encourage them. Pray with them on the phone.
  2. Be willing to run errands for them. Ask them what they need and offer to pick these essentials up. Deliver these items as safely as you can to their door.
  3. Ask them to call their pharmacy and give them your information so that you can pick their prescriptions up for them.
  4. Make their favorite meals for them and drop it off on their porch. Make sure to call ahead and tell them it is coming.
  5. Reach out to every senior/at-risk person that you can to bless them and share the love of the Lord with them.

How to care for the POOR and underserved in your community:

  1. They will be feeling the effects of this quickly, so when you can shop, buy extra to share with them and fun things for their kids.
  2. Those already experiencing poverty are most likely in jobs that are being threatened by these events. Think of ways to help your neighbor in need. Pray for guidance to better serve your neighbors in need.
  3. Work with your church to come up with a plan to serve the underserved and working poor in the next few months. This effect will last longer for them than for anyone else.
  4. Reach out with loving arms (metaphorically speaking, of course) and engage in meaningful conversation of hope and love with the words of the Lord. Speak peace, hope, and love. Show them compassion and relief.
  5. Help your family see that this is history-making times, and what we do during these next few days and weeks shows the heart of humanity. How we respond to this crisis will forever be recorded in history books. Let’s make future generations proud of how we respond. Spend time teaching your family how Christ treated and spoke to the poor.

We hope that these suggestions prove helpful to you as you work towards loving your neighbor in new and creative ways during this time of uncertainty. We at CSM will do our best to keep you up to date with our efforts and offer more suggestions as we learn some more specific needs in our community. We will be posting updates on Instagram (@csmission) and Facebook; please be sure to follow and like us on those platforms to be kept up to date with how we are responding. We will also be updating this page as often as we can.

Thank you for your continued support and for continually looking for ways to help those in need through this crisis. We appreciate you!