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Connecting resources with needs through our network of strategic partnerships is the heart of our mission at CSM. And, because of the pandemic, many teachers have had an increased need for supplies to update their classrooms. With the help of donors, partners, and many incredible volunteers, we have recently had the opportunity to serve the educators of the greater Birmingham area.

Throughout the past four months, volunteers sorted school supplies for teachers and students in the community to prepare for the upcoming school year. Along with many individual volunteers, 12 summer groups sorted through these donations to make this possible.

Our community is fortunate to have schools back in session this fall, so the staff and volunteers at CSM have been proactive about distributing supplies to the educators who are eager to get back in the classroom. Beginning in July, teachers across Birmingham received school supplies through Back to School events in their churches, schools, and communities. We have served 25 schools, more than 1,400 teachers, and 4,000 students in the past month through these events.

Arise Church, Harvest Community, Love Fellowship, and many more of our partner churches hosted events for local high schools, allowing teachers to “shop” among the school supplies in preparation for their first day of school. It is exciting to help these churches serve their communities and allow them to connect with their neighbors in such a special way!

“So many teachers made comments about how shocked they were about the amount and quality of the supplies,” Jacquie from Grantswood Community School said. “My assistant couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the community action was.”

1 Peter says, “Whoever serves by the strength that God supplies, that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ.” These churches have served the teachers well and have illustrated the love of Christ with such compassion. Building relationships and loving our neighbors is the best way to demonstrate the Church in action.