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Over the last two months we have coordinated projects for over 1,000 people, some who come in teams!  It has been a wild and crazy spring, but it has been sweet to watch God’s hands and feet at work in our city for March and April! Businesses, churches, schools, colleges, special needs organizations- old and young alike- have shown up in droves to help further the cause of the Christian Service Mission this Spring, and we are so grateful!  

We have utilized those thousand-plus people to not only further our mission and vision here at CSM, but have coordinated projects with those volunteers to assist in the missions and visions of 12 of our partnering churches and ministries throughout Birmingham! Some of the projects included work to assist home-owners such as Samuel Bruner, Howard Morris and David King, as well as Bethel Baptist Church in Collegeville and the gardens at Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.

God has been so faithful to provide the laborers for the harvest He is reaping here in our city. The impact of Christian Service Mission would be nothing without our volunteers! Thanks to all who have served with us in the first half of 2018, and thank you to the thousands more that will be with us in the following months!