We are in the middle of dealing with multiple needs, organizations, and transportation systems to help address the immediate needs of the terrible flood disaster in Louisiana. We have already loaded three tractor trailers and sent them on their way this past week. So many individuals and churches have stepped up to help, and the ground-swell of concern by people across our community is very encouraging. We are also working with the City of Birmingham and Don Lupo to expedite and facilitate city-wide relief efforts. We are collecting donations of food and supplies, as well as funds to cover expensive transportation costs. We are loading up more trucks to send supplies down to LA.

You can help with this emergency flood relief! We have specific requests for: box fans, utility knives, pry bars, small and large heavy duty tarps, rubber boots, shovels, dust masks, work gloves, towels, bleach, soap and cleaning supplies. We are also sending food and water, and you can help by making a donation on our website to help cover the trucking/transportation expenses. Please feel free to come help us sort and box up the donations. You can drop off supplies at CSM – 3600 3rd Ave. So. Please pray for wisdom and strength and healing for all those affected by the floods.