After quite a long pause due to Covid-19, our construction team is back doing what they love and were made to do: repair homes and hearts in our city. Though the team was not stagnant with covid-19 regulations, completing many needed in-house projects, they have been eager to get back outside of our campus to meet our community’s needs. Although CSM works primarily through the local church to connect resources with needs, there is a process in which homes undergo to be approved for reparation through the city. Mrs. H was made known to CSM through one of our church partnerships, Birmingham Bible- pastored by Dr. James Mason. She had been living in unsafe home conditions due to an old and damaged roof- so bad that when roofers came to fix her home, they stepped through her ceiling! Mrs. H had been waiting a whole year for the city to send resources her way. When CSM got the go-ahead to repair her home, the construction team was delighted to do so- spending many weeks with her.
Like always, the time frame is in God’s hands, and the project took longer than expected. However, construction team lead Aaron says, “It’s not about how fast it goes or even about the project. It’s more about spending time building relationships with the homeowners and getting to know them. We loved getting to know Mrs. H, encouraging her, and honestly being encouraged by her.” Mrs. H’s project is complete, but the team is looking forward to completing 16 more homes this year and expecting others to be made known as well.
We look forward to watching God move through creating safe and healthy homes for those in our community! If you are interested in volunteering with the construction team or organizing a volunteer group, please contact Jamie at