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Over the last month, the 1st-grade classes at Westminster Elementary School have been working in their classrooms to write 120 Mother’s Day cards for our Mother’s Day banquet on May 11th.  This has been the continuation of a 5+ year relationship between CSM and the 1st-grade classes at Westminster.

During my time at the school, I spoke to three first grade classes (about 45 kids) about our Mother’s Day luncheon and how we would utilize the cards as a part of our blessing and honoring those moms on the 11th.  I let them ask questions for about 5 minutes about the food, the timing, the decorations, etc… and then the class prayed for CSM, the banquet, the mom and the letters.  They all prayed aloud at one time lifting up their requests to God that people would know him more because of this event and their letters.  When they finished, I asked them if I could pray for them because I grew up in a school that didn’t let people just pray together out loud like that and those kids were totally shocked that that was a reality. After I prayed and thanked God for them and their impact and involvement, I told them one of the best ways (if not the greatest) to love and serve others is to pray for them and no matter how old or how young they are, their prayers will always be heard by God.

One of the teachers said that "our kids don't know much outside of this school and for them to hear that prayer isn't necessarily allowed in other schools is out of this world to them".