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Mr. Arrington’s Home Dedication. Last summer, we met Mr. Arrington when we repaired the exterior of his house. While working, our construction team developed a relationship with him, and he blessed them daily by sharing his love of the Lord. While working on the outside of the house, we noticed that the interior of his home also needed significant repairs, especially considering the difficulty that Mr. Arrington faces when moving around his home. It was essential to us to transform Mr. Arrington’s living space into what eventually became a comfortable home, one with improved accessibility features.

This spring, we helped clean out Mr. Arrington’s home and replaced the ceiling, which was damaged by water. It was important to Mr. Arrington to have carpet because he wanted a soft place to land if he fell! We assured him that his new home would be much safer, and hopefully, he would not fall as often. Through many donations and donated labor, we were able to repair his kitchen and plumbing and install a bathroom that is much easier for him to use. We completed this project by furnishing his home with furniture that helps him be able to maneuver around his small house with ease. Mr. Arrington has a comfortable Lay-Z-Boy (donated through our partnership with Good360) in his room, and his guest bedroom is ready for when his nephew comes to visit!

With the help of our volunteers, we did some gardening and added new plants around the house. He now has a lovely sitting area surrounded by beautiful plants in his backyard. Isaiah 61:11 proclaims, For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.”

Our construction team and the many volunteers who have worked to transform Mr. Arrington’s home have been so encouraged by spending time with him and witnessing his faithfulness to God! It has been a joy for everyone involved.