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Our partner spotlight for this month is Kingdom Family Christian Fellowship. Kingdom Fellowship began in 2016 as a church plant of South Roebuck Community Church. It is located in Center Point, AL, and the church is led by Senior Pastor Leon Miller, a native of Birmingham, Alabama. Pastor Miller has served in ministry for over 30 years, with 21 years of pastoral experience. Pastor Miller founded Kingdom Fellowship with his life goal to help fulfill the great commission established by Jesus.

Currently, they are sharing a building with Huffman Baptist Church. The two churches first got connected through the Birmingham Baptist Association. The senior pastors even found out they had mutual connections through their mentors who worked closely together. Over the past few years, both churches have found mutual benefits through each other as a church plant and a church struggling to find their identity. From this unique arrangement, Kingdom Fellowship and Huffman Baptist have partnered together in mission work, service, and worship. They even come together during staff meetings.
Tonya Anthony, an active member of Kingdom Fellowship, said, “They do not want to be just another church to attend on Sunday.” They strive to be a community-focused church. They have a passion for sharing the Gospel and serving the community of South Roebuck and beyond. Their mission is to meet people at the crossroads of life with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help one another along their spiritual growth journey.

CSM is so thankful for the partnership we have with Kingdom Fellowship. Church members volunteer with us and they also participated in CSM’s Christmas experience last year, where community members were able to come and shop various donated items. In addition, Kingdom Fellowship has been involved in several CSM construction projects, such as helping rebuild a local house after a storm devastated much of the area.

Kingdom Fellowship is having services on a normal schedule and adhering to CDC guidelines. You can attend their Sunday morning worship service at 9:00 am at 700 Huffman Road. Center Point, AL 35215. There are also numerous ministries to get involved in at Kingdom Fellowship. You can find community and fellowship in the men’s, women’s, youth, missions, or singles ministry. Also, all of Pastor Miller’s sermons are available on their website, CSM is filled with gratitude for the partnership we have with Kingdom Fellowship, where we can serve together to seek spiritual change in the city of Birmingham. We are so excited to keep growing and cultivating this partnership in the future.