Working alongside the church is the very heartbeat of Christian Service Mission (CSM). CSM maintains connections with over 150 ministry organizations. True Vine Evangelical Church is a ministry partner that walks beside us closely and inspires us regularly! This church, located in Inglenook, is full of life and the Spirit of God. They have multiple facets of ministry, including a church, a thrift store, and rehabilitation homes for both men and women. 

The men’s rehabilitation home, located across the street from True Vine Evangelical Church, has been a haven of safety and transformation for hundreds of men in the Inglenook community. When asked about the story of the men’s rehabilitation home, Pastor Ralph Garth shared that True Vine’s heart behind ministry is to “be a church that loves the unchurched…not just a church on the inside, but a church on the outside”. This church loves the vulnerable and the hurting in consistently beautiful ways; helping individuals experience deliverance from drugs and alcohol is one of the many assignments God has given True Vine. “Most of our elders have been on drugs,” Pastor Garth explained when personally testifying to the power of a life set free under the authority of God. 

This spring, CSM (as well as a few of our other ministry partners, including Brookwood Baptist Church) has the opportunity to work alongside True Vine to rehabilitate their men’s rehabilitation home! With the renewal of hundreds of lives comes a significant need for renovations and repairs within the house. God has opened up the door for us to invest in and walk alongside the restoration of this life-changing rehabilitation home. Would you consider joining us? If you feel led to sow into the repairs and renovation of this home of transformation, please see this link to donate. We are expectant to see what God does and excited to testify of His goodness in this story!