We’re excited to welcome Larry Haueter as our new Director of Campus Facilities. Larry will oversee our campus assets, property, and has the goal of keeping everything organized and ready for the many projects and volunteers that CSM leads. No stranger to a warehouse Larry has been working in warehousing and logistics for about 15 years.

Executive Director, Tracy Hipps, has known Larry for close to ten years and has often thought about the asset Larry would be to CSM. And, after becoming more familiar with CSM and our mission, Larry knew that if a position were to become available, he would gladly come work with us. While Larry has worked in warehousing for some time, he is excited about this opportunity because of the deeper purpose it brings with it. It’s not just another warehouse; it’s God’s warehouse filled with resources that He has entrusted us to steward wisely.

Larry’s desire for order, trackable data, and asset management will ensure that we have the right supplies and resources at the ready for construction, partner resourcing, volunteers, and so much more. And he also loves driving the forklift and making the day-to-day happen. We are so thankful for God’s provision of the right person with the right skill set at the right time.