How long have you been involved with KAA?

Tracy: “27 years, I started going in 1991 with New City Church and took about 15 kids”

Who did you take with you this year?

Tracy: “104 children and 12 adults from Birmingham churches: Grace House Ministries, Ebenezer Baptist, Greater Shiloh, True Vine, and Cornerstone School”
What’s your favorite part about going?

Tracy: “Watching the kids grow in their faith and see things they’ve never experienced before.”
How many kids prayed to receive Christ?

Tracy: “10 salvations from the group we brought and about 100 overall.”

Brad Cummings Jr. won the “I Am Third” award, nominated by the counselors and staff to honor one person who exemplifies God first, community second and themselves third.

What were your most meaningful experiences this year at KAA?

Tracy: Brad Cumming’s son, Brad, from Greater Shiloh won the “I Am Third” award. Only one awarded per age group.
 Brad has been going to KAA for four years. His favorite thing about camp is playing on the tubes.
 Brad’s little sister, Kindal, has been going for two years and her favorite thing is arts and crafts.
 Laqueshia Wilson from Ebenezer went to KAA growing up and this year was able to take her son, so it has come full circle.

This year KAA is under the amazing leadership of Dr. Rene Rochester and Roy Campbell. Dr. Rochester lives in Franklin and is the CEO of PhatStar Learning. She teaches at a local elementary school and is a adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary. Rochester has also written three books. She is founder of the Kaleo program at KAA.
 Roy “Soup” Campbell lives in Memphis and is the Executive Director at Eikon Ministries. Roy and his wife Linda serve as the Higher Ground Directors at KAA.
 I feel so proud and honored to be a part of this life-changing experience for all these kids and adults from our communities.


KAA Facts:
KAA is a one week session divided into age groups:
K1: 9-11 years old
K2: 12-14 years old
K3: 15-18 years old
HG: discipleship training for ages 15-21
Adults camp: men and women have separate Bible studies