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CSM believes that goodness and mercy follow us as we walk in what God puts before us. That is what has happened in our own backyard.

The Jones Valley Trail Extension is part of the 750 mile-wide trails that make up the Red Rock Trail System. While the Red Rock Trail System has been established throughout Birmingham for years now, Freshwater Land Trust broke ground for this specific extension during the late spring of 2021. This extension will attach downtown Birmingham to Avondale, and we could not be more excited to see the city of Birmingham more connected!

“$1.2 million sown into our property, and all we’ve done is pray,” Tracy Hipps claimed when explaining the Kingdom fruit that comes from stewardship and prayer. We have been increasingly blessed by the provision of God throughout this process. Hearing about a beautiful trail running through our backyard was extremely exciting, but seeing the renderings for the beautiful outdoor plaza that will be established outside of our back doors has taken our excitement to another level. See the attached renderings for a visual representation of what’s to come!

The Jones Valley Trail Extension is projected to be completed before the 2022 World Games. CSM is excited to see the relationships formed, the memories created, and the community fostered through this new avenue of connection to our building!

Ever since we first heard of this development, we began making plans to update the back of our building. We have already rebuilt our deck, reconfigured our fence, and started making our garden more inviting! We have additional plans for a mural and landscaping to make CSM an attractive landmark along this highly anticipated trail connecting two of Birmingham’s most vibrant neighborhoods.