Many families have been met with hard decisions due to Covid-19. Bundles of Hope is here to make those decisions a little easier by providing diapers to families being struck by financial hardships, not just during Covid-19, but all of the time. 

Bundles of Hope is a diaper bank that serves over 600 families each week and calls our warehouse home. In 2014, Nancy Owen and Barrett Ford started investigating the need for diapers in Birmingham while planning a baby shower with other women from Mountain Chapel United Methodist Church. They found the need to be vast and mostly unnoticed. They began to collect diapers to distribute to families who were having to make the hard choice between buying groceries or buying diapers. Today, Bundles of Hope, led by Lindsay Gray, a former NICU nurse who has a heart for babies. Lindsay continues the mission of providing a reliable supply of diapers to families in need with great passion and joy that comes from the Lord.

More than 14,500 children under the age of five live in the Birmingham area, with 29% of our community living beneath the poverty line. Additionally, government programs like SNAP and WIC do not cover diapers, which means that cost, typically more than $100 a month, is footed solely by these families. Bundles of Hope has sought to ease this hardship by partnering with food banks and churches to get a week’s supply of diapers in the hands of those who need it. 

We are so proud of Bundles of Hope and all of their hard work. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for their diapers has increased by 300%, and they are responding by packing diapers weekly to make sure they can meet this ever-growing need. Click here to learn more about Bundles of Hope.