For generations to come, we will reflect on 2020 as a year like no other. An unprecedented pandemic ravaged the world, affecting not only our health, but our nation’s economy and our spiritual state. It was 50 years ago that God gave a man a dream to start a ministry and non-profit to serve the Birmingham community. In honor of our God, Christian Service Mission carries on this vision with increasing measure to serve the physical and spiritual needs of those around us.

In 2010, the Lord directed me to CSM in order to work alongside churches and other non-profits to see communities thrive in Birmingham and beyond. This same vision that initiated CSM 50 years ago is ever increasing because of your trust, support, partnership, and investment into CSM, multiplying resources to make the most significant physical and spiritual impact we have ever seen. This year we distributed more than $1.5 million worth of resources into the community, serving nearly 140,000 families. To distribute these resources and serve through our various ministries, we worked with more than 4,000 volunteers and 150 church partners. The numbers speak for themselves, and the lives that have been touched and eternally changed have only multiplied. We don’t have a magic number for you because only the Lord knows the true and full impact of our work, but we have the stories and blessings from those we have served faithfully and strategically for years. God opened unforeseen doors in 2020, which allowed us to influence and speak on cultural change, state change, and community change throughout the church and greater Birmingham. The opportunities to help churches and non-profits serve their constituents were nearly limitless, thanks to the abundance of resources we received. We could do all of this because you gave your time, talents, and treasures to make this all happen. We are incredibly grateful and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We are seeking the face of God and praying for wisdom and direction for 2021. Will it be a year of revival as a nation – a year of spiritual change manifesting inside the church that will affect the broader culture? The year of God’s manifested presence over every area of our lives will affect this earthly world and the kingdom to come. God’s kingdom will be on display here on Earth for the whole world to see as we pray for revival in the coming year.

To begin the year, I had a visit from a man seeking direction and purpose in this new season of his life. A few friends of mine and I had the opportunity to lead this man to Christ for the first time. In my office, in the first week of 2021, God’s presence was in the room. This week as we had a class of students from Samford University here learning about CSM, one student stayed behind to ask why this place feels different spiritually. The power of God is on display here at CSM, in our city, and in our churches. We pledge to continue becoming a place where God’s Spirit resides in us and is active through us to the end of our days. We know our best years are before us and eagerly anticipate seeing God at work for the next 50 years and beyond.. Pray for us as we seek first to do Kingdom work here in Birmingham.