You know the hand of God is in a story when He blesses those who have laid their lives down for the sake of those in need. The Lord did just this with the home of the lovely Ms. Elder! We connected with Ms. Elder through a partnership with the City of Birmingham. During our initial visit with her, we discovered that she is a Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church member, one of our closest partners. For eight years, Ms. Elder has been a member and has been an incredibly faithful prayer warrior for this congregation. 

As we learned more about Ms. Elder, we quickly realized how much of a blessing it was for us to have the opportunity to work on this home that has made such an impact in so many lives. Housing over 230 foster children and raising the Elder family of 14, this home has been a house that has stood for the mercy and justice of God. Dr. Wesley, the pastor of Greater Shiloh, joined CSM at the dedication of this house to the Lord. He explained that the house is not just a house, but a “home-house” – the home where the Elder family always reunites and holds celebrations. Ms. Elder’s family has lived in this three-bedroom home for the past 60 years. Her sister, Veronica, claimed that “living in a three-bedroom house with 14 people was something else!” She explained that there was constant laughter and abundant joy within the home. It is incredible to experience the testimony of how the Lord has utilized this home as a safe place for so many.

With the city funding and our church partners, we were able to replace the roofing on her home, construct a new deck and porch, and provide Ms. Elder with proper handrails. The investments of volunteer groups such as Shades Mountain Baptist’s “7-9 Group,” the Pierce family, and Shades Mountain Community Church made this project possible. The Lord has faithfully provided for Ms. Elder and her family, and we are excited to see how the Lord will continue to watch over this home!