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A 2022 Construction Update: Our housing department has been busy finishing construction work for a two-year $300,000 grant from the City of Birmingham this month. We have replaced 33 roofs, built two decks and one handicap ramp, and completed one siding project. We are so thankful for the opportunity God has given us to bless others through these home repairs.

Families needing home repairs are found through the City’s Community Development office, our partner churches, and simply by word of mouth. From the moment we call the homeowner to schedule a home visit, we begin to develop a relationship with them that continues well past the construction work. It has been a privilege to enter these families’ lives and get to know them more personally.

We befriended Ms. Michel when we replaced her roof in 2021. While working on her roof, we noticed she needed her handicap ramp replaced so that she could actually use it without falling. With the City’s grant money, we completed construction on her ramp in 2021. Our construction team got to know her very well during these projects, and now she volunteers at our mission! Each week, Ms. Michel visits our warehouse and helps us sort boxes of resources. We love seeing her weekly and are blessed by her friendship and service.

Ms. Prewitt is another homeowner we’ve had the privilege of helping. In addition to replacing her roof, we installed new siding on her home. God gave us a group of volunteers to do this project, and we were thankful for His perfect timing. This group of college students from Clemson University had so much fun working on Ms. Prewitt’s home as they learned new skills and got to know our construction team. We love facilitating these experiences for volunteer groups to serve the Lord and provide families with safer, healthier homes.

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