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Last Quarter Housing Roundup

In the last quarter of the year, we worked on four homes for four different women. The Lord led us to three of these women through relationships with the city of Birmingham and Bethel Baptist Church of Collegeville. Through this grant and with help from Bethel Baptist Church, we were able to roof Ms. Hatcher’s and Ms. Rucker’s homes. We were also able to roof and do additional work on Ms. Smith’s and Ms. Williams’s homes.

Tracy (our Executive Director) met Ms. Smith in 2016 when Christ Health Center asked us to help facilitate donations to buy her a working wheelchair-accessible van. Ms. Smith is a mom of four kids. She is so strong and an inspiration to all who meet her. A few months ago, the Lord prompted Tracy to remember her, so we reached back out to her to see if she had any current needs. Of course, the Lord is so faithful to his people. He put her on Tracy’s heart because he cares about her! Of course, she needed a new roof! The CSM crew also replaced her soffits and fascia, painted the new replacement wood, and painted her house.

We connected with Ms. Williams through the grant we have with the city of Birmingham because there was a possibility that the house might be condemned. Before we met with her, she had been working s fix it up as best as she could. She works at Publix and cares for her 26-year-old autistic son. We noticed that Ms. Williams needed a roof and siding to keep her home dry. Around this time, one of our long-time partners from Redeemer Lutheran Church in Damascus, Maryland, was scheduled to be at CSM for the week. They are a great construction group and were at the right time to help add siding to the house. The Redeemer group took time to get to know Ms. Williams and her son and loved her well by serving her. Through CSM, she got new siding and windows! We are currently working on painting the home and hope to give her a new roof soon! As a non-profit, we always await the Lord’s provision through grants and donations. Now her house looks like the nicest one on the block!

As a non-profit, we always wait on the Lord’s provision through grants and donations, so we sometimes work on our construction projects in stages. It’s so fun to see how the Lord will provide. One of our goals at CSM is to provide for physical needs and meet spiritual needs in the process.

Sometimes the people we meet have significant needs – beyond what we think we could meet. We dream and ask God how we can meet those essential needs anyway. After all, we serve a big God who cares about all our needs. We probably can’t generalize, but one observation we’ve made is those with the least seem to be the most God-trusting and God-reliant people we’ve met. We go there to help others but usually come away as if we have met with God. We know that God is in this process and that it works both ways. We provide for a need they have, and the homeowners also seem to fulfill a need we didn’t know we had. Our view of God enlarges.

Of these four homes and the four women we worked with, only one had a church home when we met her this year. Each one trusted and relied on the Lord to provide for them. When we come alongside a homeowner, we seek to provide for the whole person, meeting physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. When we finish a home project, we have prayer closeouts. During prayer closeouts, we invite the homeowners’ pastor to visit the home and pray over the homeowner. When the homeowner is without a church, we ask a pastor from a nearby church to come and pray. In doing this, we connect homeowners to local churches and continue growing our partnerships in the community. I truly wish everyone could meet all the homeowners we work with because to know them is to be blessed by them.

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